Post Global Trio, the trio of Toni Dimitrov, Dimitar Dodovski and Martin Georgievski, all Macedonian lovers of ambient music and this is their first, self-titled album (there’s already more new material that will be released on Twice Removed and elsewhere, during this year)… We have here one piece of music of one hour and that’s the whole album, so, after listening, probably naturally comes the question: is there enough happening to keep it interesting for an hour?! I thought this is an okay album… Sometimes leaping into repetition and without much happening in the music, when it stays just narrow ambience for probably too long, but the guys are into it and they’re having a jam session, so it’s probably ok… This album was played and recorded live and streamed on the frequency of 103 FM at the radio Kanal 103 in Skopje and online, internationally, so it’s a live recording… Combined into a full hour through the immaculate sound-shaped drones, field recordings and textures, it resonates somewhere between the abstraction and the narrative flow (that’s my words in the description for the release on the label’s site). Also: Even though it tends to be concrete to a certain degree, the sound of Post Global Trio still remains a mystery to enjoy and comprehend, within its own distinctive categorizations and impulses. (BR)